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 Alpha Metal Limited specializes in stainless steel decoration materials field over 10 years and is committed to be your best and most reliable stainless steel decoration materials solutions.Due to our excellent quality ,full-hearted service and competitive price ,our products have won a great reputation and taken a good market share abroad and built a good relationship with foreign construction companies,designers,architects,engineering contractors and so on. Stainless steel sheet surface treatment:
Polishing series:BA/6K,8K,Mirror,Super Mirror
Grinding series:No.4,Brushed, Satin Finish,Hairline Finish,Vibration Finish,Sandblasted Finish
PVD Coating(Colored):gold,rose gold,champagne gold,black, bronze,copper,emerald,violet,bronze,silver,charcoal gray,coffee,etc
Etching Series:A wide range of existing designs are available for the #4, Hairline, and mirror finishes
Embossing series:Many type of models,such as linen,cubes,diamond,panda,bamboo,stained,cross-head,thepel,etc
Stainless steel fabrication:
Stainless steel screen room divider/partition,Wine rack,Curio shelves,Skirting,Plant pot,Trim edge,art sculpture,laser-cutting bespoke products,etc

Welcome to union metal(stainless steel surafce treatment specialist)!

Union metal is mainly engaged in production and selling of PVD coating stainless steel and bespoke stainless steel fabrication.

Union meta stainless steel sheet surface treatment includes:

     Polishing series: No4 finish,8k finish,BA finish,mirror finish,super mirror finish

     Grinding series: Hairline finish or HL, No4 finish,sandblast finish ,vibration finish,brush finish,etc
Etching series;stamping series;lasing cutting series;perforated series etc

     PVD coating:Rose gold, titanium gold, champagne gold,ti-black,sapphire,emerald green,bronze,coffee

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